Photo Restoration

We can restore your images into any style you like.

Sometimes your favorite photos are old, worn and cannot be retaken. Or a loved one passed away and there is little you can do to enhance the photos you still have. And how often have we wondered what it would be like to have a color photo of your great grandparents on the wall?

The good news is, we can just take any old photo and give it a new life!


Below are just some examples of what we can do.

family3 001

Most of us have some old family photos like these. What to do with it?

Well, we decolorized the ugly yellow, then sharpened and focused the photo in the frame, then worked our magic to create a beautiful watercolor painting. Click on it for a detailed view.


This photo was taken in 1912 and, while faded through the years, is still in pretty good shape.

All we had to do here was focus the frame and create a painting using the color tones of the original photo. We can turn your vintage photos into beautiful paintings that last forever. Click on it for a detailed view.

mother and children

Before cell phones, all we had was a camera with film which made really small pictures. and no features to upgrade them...


We upgraded this photo, sharpened and focused it, then colorized it to make it come alive.

From the final photo we created a painting which will make this moment last forever! Click on it for a detailed view.

old wedding photo

And there is now also hope for the official wedding photo of your great great grandparents, made almost two centuries ago.

We desaturated the yellow, sharpened and focused it and then painted the photo in the original colors. Click on it for a detailed view.

How to get your photos restored?

Photo restoration is very specialized and detailed work. Every photo is different so we do not have fixed prices for this type of work. If you have a photo you want restored, colorized, painted or turned into a watercolor portrait, please fill out the below form, send your photo to and we will give you an estimated price.

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